Leadership. Scholarship. Philanthropy/Community Service. Athletics. Social Development.


Established in 1967, the fraternity and sorority community at USF is a vibrant place within our campus. With 49 chapters to choose from, our fraternities and sororities allow a place where students can grow and develop to be better versions of themselves. Through commitment to values, the bonds of friendship, leadership development, service and philanthropy, and personal development, members of fraternities and sororities have a transformative experience that enhances their tie to USF.

The Interfraternity Council are the traditionally housed fraternities that have either off-campus or on-campus housing within the community. These fraternities are based off of traditional Greek values such as scholarship, leadership, and integrity. Currently there are 6 fraternities that are housed on campus in Greek Village.

The Panhellenic Council are the women-based organizations that are the traditionally housed sororities in Greek Village. These sororities, very similar to IFC Fraternities, are founded on traditional Greek values such as scholarship, integrity, and leadership. Nine of the ten active chapters have a house in Greek Village.

The Multicultural Greek Council are multicultural and multi-ethnic Greek letter organizations. These fraternities and sororities were founded to promote awareness of multicultural diversity within collegiate institutions. Although these organizations were founded on cultural and ethnic ideas and beliefs, each organization is all-inclusive and accepting of all men and women.

The National Pan-Hellenic Council, also known as “The Divine Nine,” are the historically African-American Greek letter organizations. These fraternities and sororities were founded by African-Americans individuals and have a rich history. Although these organizations are African-American by tradition, each of these organization are all-inclusive and accepting of all men and women.

Our Council: Multicultural Greek Council

alpha Kappa Delta Phi International Sorority, Inc.

Chi Upsilon Sigma National
Latin Sorority, Inc.

Delta Epsilon Psi
Fraternity, Inc.

Delta Phi Omega
Sorority, Inc.

Delta Tau Lambda
Sorority, Inc.

Kappa Phi Lambda
Sorority, Inc.

Lambda Theta Alpha
Latin Sorority, Inc.

Lambda Theta Phi
Latin Fraternity, Inc.

Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Inc.

Mu Sigma Upsilon
Sorority, Inc.

Pi Delta Psi
Fraternity, Inc.

Omega Phi Beta
Sorority, Inc.

Sigma Beta Rho
Fraternity, Inc.

Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity, Inc.

Sigma Lambda Gamma
National Sorority, Inc.