Kappa Phi Lambda provided me with the opportunity to look within myself to find my strengths and weaknesses and redefine them – a step towards being the best version of myself. Kappa has provided me with a Sisterhood that has no bounds; in my Sisters I have found love, I have found hope, and I have found another purpose in life.
#2 Maria Roberts *Sangréal*Charter Class
Through KPL, I have not only found my best friends, but I've found another place to call home.
#34 Shawntel Fuerte *Reconcile*Gamma Class
Becoming a Kappa has pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to see past my potential.
#9 Kimberly Nguyen *Zatanna*Charter Class
Kappa has given me a group of strong individuals who I have been blessed to call sisters for the rest of my life. It has provided an opportunity for me to test my limits and to grow as a person and a leader. It has also given me the chance to help others grow into their full potential, and it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.
#4 Alyana Zabat *Afterlife*Charter Class
It is through Kappa Phi Lambda that I have been given the college experience that I dreamed of, and I continue to learn and grow from it everyday.
#7 Heather Berto *Imparadize*Charter Class
I have gained a group of supportive women who look out for each other whether it is with job opportunities or being a listening ear.
#14 Krystal Lowe *ACMÉ*Charter Class