Spring 2018 Actives

Position emails can be found on the contact page.

#7 Heather Berto *Imparadize*

Position(s): President
Big: Anthea Li *Tranquilize* (UF)
Ethnicity: Filipino
Email: imparadize.kpl@gmail.com

#9 Kimberly Nguyen *Zatanna*

Position(s): External Vice President
Big: Andrea Tham *Tiger Lilly* (UF)
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Email: zatanna.kpl@gmail.com

#31 Kim Doan *Au Revoir*

Position(s): Internal Vice President, Liaison, Academic Chair
Big: Boya Xiao *Au Contraire* (UF)
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Email: aurevoir.kpl@gmail.com

#26 Trinh Nguyen *FULLMETAL*

Position(s): Secretary, Treasurer
Big: Kimberly Daorerk  *Fuel* (UF)
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Email: fullmetal.kpl@gmail.com

#30 Kristine Galang *HyperSonic*

Position(s): Warden, Co-Performance Chair
Big: Jessica Rebecca Swantek *Nighthawk*
Ethnicity: Filipino
Email: hypersonic.kpl@gmail.com

#18 Arlene Roberts *Salvation*

Position(s): Sister Events Chair
Big: Alyana Zabat *Afterlife*
Ethnicity: Filipino/German
Email: salvation.kpl@gmail.com

#20 Thanhmai Bui *EXZILE*

Position(s): N/A
Big: Kimberly Nguyen *Zatanna*
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Email: exzile.kpl@gmail.com

#21 Salena Tran *Hawthorn*

Position(s): Co-Recruitment Chair, Co-Fundraising Chair, Webmistress
Big: Puttida Voripipatana *Cyanide*
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Email: hawthorn.kpl@gmail.com

#23 Michelle Hua *Skyrize*

Position(s): Cultural Chair
Big: Heather Berto *Imparadize* 
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Email: skyrize.kpl@gmail.com

#28 Myna He *Rosarium*

Position(s): Social Chair, Philanthropy Chair
Big: Jennifer Reed *Artillery*
Ethnicity: Chinese/Vietnamese
Email: rosarium.kpl@gmail.com

#29 Tuyen Huynh *UNDERCOVER*

Position(s): Alumnae Relations Chair
Big: Anbinh Ho *Knife Edge* (UF)
Ethnicity: Vietnamese/Chinese
Email: undercover.kpl@gmail.com

#33 Breanna Moore *IRIDIUM*

Position(s): Community Service Chair
Big: Brianne Dijamco *DARKSIDE*
Ethnicity: Filipino
Email: iridium.kpl@gmail.com

#34 Shawntel Fuerte *Reconcile*

Position(s): Co-Performance Chair, Co-Recruitment Chair, MGC Represesntative
Big: Thanh Luong *Revenant*
Ethnicity: Filipino
Email: reconcile.kpl@gmail.com

#35 Sinead So *Floraison*

Position(s): Historian, Co-Publicity Chair
Big: Paige Twiddy *Allons-y* (UF)
Ethnicity: Taiwanese/Hong Kongese
Email: floraison.kpl@gmail.com

#36 Annika Li *ONESHOT*

Position(s): Co-Fundraising Chair, Co-Publicity Chair
Big: Victoria Tang *SHOTSFIRED*
Ethnicity: Chinese
Email: oneshot.kpl@gmail.com