Spring 2020 Active House

Position emails can be found on the contact page.

#38 Tricia Tran *Grimaldi*

Position(s): President, Treasurer
Big: Teri Chung *Glee* (UConn)
Little: Tina Le *Genovia*
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Email: grimaldi.kpl@gmail.com

#43 Brienna Chan *SARDONYX*

Position(s): External Vice President, Liaison
Big: Tara Rangsiyawaranon *Mars*
Ethnicity: Vietnamese/Cambodian
Email: sardonyx.kpl@gmail.com

#42 Julia Nguyen *Blackbird*

Position(s): Internal Vice President
Big: Tuyen Huynh *UNDERCOVER*
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Email: blackbird.kpl@gmail.com

#36 Annika Li *ONESHOT*

Position(s): Secretary
Big: Victoria Tang *SHOTSFIRED*
Ethnicity: Chinese
Email: oneshot.kpl@gmail.com

#46 Alodia Alcala *Reputation*

Position(s): Warden
Big: Thanh Luong *Revenant*
Ethnicity: Filipino
Email: reputation.kpl@gmail.com

#18 Arlene Roberts *Salvation*

Position(s): Co-Fundraising Chair
Big: Alyana Zabat *Afterlife*
Ethnicity: Filipino/German
Email: salvation.kpl@gmail.com

#44 Jasmine Rose Moral *TABOO*

Position(s): Academic Chair
Big: Ash Alonzo *VOODOO*
Ethnicity: Filipino
Email: taboo.kpl@gmail.com

#49 Aja Burlas

Position(s): MGC Representative
Big: Kanica Phok *Evren* (UF) 
Ethnicity: Filipino
Email: arkyn.kpl@gmail.com

#52 Kiersten Andrews *Serenize*

Position(s): Co-Performance Chair
Big: Michelle Hua *Skyrize*
Ethnicity: Chinese
Email: serenize.kpl@gmail.com

#53 Sylvia Leon

Position(s): Social Chair
Big: Brianne Dijamco *DARKSIDE*
Ethnicity: Japanese/Ecuadorian
Email: windshear.kpl@gmail.com

#54 Kristin Silakhom
*New Moon*

Position(s): Co-Community Service Chair, Sister Events Chair
Big: Camille Custodio *Apparition*
Ethnicity: Laos/Thai
Email: newmoon.kpl@gmail.com

#56 Tina Le *Genovia*

Position(s): Co-Fundraising Chair
Big: Tricia Tran *Grimaldi*
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Email: genovia.kpl@gmail.com

#57 Genevieve Nadal *Neurotoxyn*

Position(s): Publicity Chair, Webmistress
Big: Vy Pham *Wyndrose* (UF)
Ethnicity: Filipino
Email: neurotoxyn.kpl@gmail.com

#58 Jessica Luu *Dreamliner*

Position(s): C0-Community Service Chair
Big: Julia Nguyen *Blackbird*
Ethnicity: Chinese
Email: dreamliner.kpl@gmail.com

#59 Min Truong *Excelsa*

Position(s): Co-Cultural Chair
Big: Myna He *Rosarium*
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Email: excelsa.kpl@gmail.com

#60 Yvette Cai *Selemé*

Position(s): Co-Performance Chair, Historian
Big: Krystal Lowe *ACMÉ*
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Email: seleme.kpl@gmail.com

#61 Shonere Bailey *Makeda*

Position(s): Co-Philanthropy Chair
Big: Juliana Toyloy-Stanton *Medici* (UF)
Ethnicity: Jamaican/Nigerian/Irish/English/Spanish/Portuguese
Email: makeda.kpl@gmail.com

#63 Lysandra Daley *Proxima*

Position(s): Alumnae Relations Chair
Big: Ayani Burlas *Expedition*
Ethnicity: Jamaican/Cuban/Colombian
Email: proxima.kpl@gmail.com

#64 Celestine Imperial *ICED-OUT*

Position(s): Co-Philanthropy Chair, Recruitment Chair
Big: Sabrina Kim *Frost Flower* (UF)
Ethnicity: Filipino
Email: icedout.kpl@gmail.com

#65 Minh Le *Actias*

Position(s): Co-Cultural Chair
Big: Krystal Lowe *ACMÉ*
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Email: actias.kpl@gmail.com